Our Mission

To provide an experience that helps you refine your vision, re-imagine your life and rediscover "you."  

Our Strategy 

If we mentally remove the details, expectations, and noise of your day to day life, you'll be left with space.  Into that space, you can pour dreams, rest, strategy, plans or just inspiration provided by our content and setting.  We believe our Identity and Purpose-based approach to personal development is the perfect complement to our extraordinary settings.

The TDG Adventure Coach provides the questions to ponder while our expedition partner, Oneseed Expeditions, handles all the details.  

We believe in sustainable travel and honoring the local culture as we explore the world.  Our Oneseed partners only hire local guides.  They profit-share trips with the staff and 10% of Oneseed's revenue is passed back to the local community you visit in the form of micro-finance loans. 


The expedition was a unique opportunity to gain expert, personalized, and potentially life-changing insight into how I, as a particular individual, could live a purposeful, productive, and fulfilled life. The TDG coaches are outstanding with extensive expertise and talent. It also helps that this happened in one of the most awe-inspiring and beautiful places on earth.
— Joel Wu (PATAGONIA 2014)
It does not get any better than walking through the beautiful lands of Patagonia while being encouraged and enlightenened by two excellent coaching professionals. The TDG coaches know how to ask the questions and make observations that will help you see how you are motiviated, where your strengths are, and how to set and execute vision in all aspects of your life. The conversations with magnificant scenery all along the way make for an experience that should not be missed.
— Greg Tarrant (PATAGONIA 2014)
The impact that the Patagonia trip has had on my life is already immeasurable just a few months later. It’s created a seismic shift in how I treat myself, my marriage, and my vision for the future. I would do it ten times over again if I could, and who knows—maybe I just will. Words don’t exist to describe the overwhelming gratitude I have for the memorable two weeks of growth and adventure in Patagonia. It will live with me for the rest of my life.
— Jeff Tarrant (PATAGONIA 2014)