"I needed time to rest. I needed a place to dream.

 I needed to remember that I was strong. 

and I knew I needed to give these moments away." 

-Michael Dauphinee, Founder of TDG Adventures

In late 2012, after a long day with clients, I collapsed into yet another hotel bed.  I was exhausted, stressed and getting numb.  While I was living the entrepreneurial dream, the pressure of managing the details, running The Dauphinee Group (TDG), and trying to serve my clients, was getting to me.  I loved what I was doing, but I had let things get out of control.  I needed a reset.

Despite the hotel's glacial internet, I began searching for resorts, tours, anything that might interrupt my life.  I came across OneSeed Expeditions. They were just launching into Chilean Patagonia and I didn't even know where that was.  Not much of a joiner, I'd never been on a group expedition.   I'd never been to South America.  And I had no idea what went into a hiking vacation; but the unknowns compelled me.  

What was this? Could I do it? How would I pay for it?  No idea, but I knew to change my life, I had to step out of it.   I put down a deposit that night.

My life has never been the same.

The Oneseed crew took care of everything and my lack of responsibility created a freedom I'd never expected.  Schedules, details, logistics, everything was managed for me.  All I had to be was me.  Walking among the giants of Patagonia, journaling in my bunk at night, I felt my mind clear and I rediscovered a peace I'd lost.  

On the trail I found what was missing.  I needed rest.  I needed a place to dream.  I needed to remember that I was strong.  But I also needed to give it away. 

People love talking about identity, courage, and purpose but there is so little space in their lives to wrestle with the choices they're making every day.  

TDG Adventures was born to give people a curated personal development experience.  We provide the questions and the content and our partners manage the details.  All we need is you.  This is your chance.  This is your moment.  Rediscover your strength.  Rediscover your hope.  Rediscover You.

We have experiences for all levels and interests.

Come join us!

~Michael D.